Sensational beer for the sensationalist. Simply put, this super dark ale has splendid spiciness, slight sweetness and a singe of smokiness, with zero superfluous extras. Its sizable spirit makes it superb for sipping.

This beer came from a desire to meld my favorite flavors in the world; spicy, and bittersweet. I'm a hot sauce fiend that cannot resist dark chocolate. Mimi and I also love dominican style rotisserie chicken, so I wanted to add a touch of smoked malt. We wanted to make this a strong beer to boot. 

After multiple rounds of testing to find the right balance of each ingredient, we finally nailed it. Even if you're not a fan of one of the individual characteristics of this beer, I believe the others will draw you into it's delicious corners.

SSS is fun to drink! As a sipping beer, it only gets better as it warms up. 

Dark Ale, 8.0%

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