Reconstructed inspiration. A masterful blend of unique ingredients gives this amber ale notes of citrus, pepper, ginger, and soft hints of licorice. Balanced and palatable, these flavors create delightful drinkability. 

This ale is an ode to one of the most famous German digestifs, Jägermeister. As kräuterlikör – herb and spice liquor – it can be very pungent. With this ale, I deconstructed Jäger and reengineered it from the ground up as a beer.

Beer is a very different drink from liquor, especially a digestif, so this beer had to be carefully balanced. Pinkerton stands uniquely all on it's own from digestif liquors, but within it are all the flavors.  It's created to be more palatable and easier to drink.

This was a really exciting beer to create! 

Amber Ale, 5.5%

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