Pleasantly askew. Light ale spiked with green tea leaves and nutmeg for a playfully palatable pint. The feather-light bubbles and creaminess are inclined to delight. 

This beer is designed for good drinking! We put a delicious twist on a cream ale, by including a hint of green tea, and a bit of nutmeg. The tea adds a subtle grassy note to the beer, while the nutmeg compliments the beer's sweetness and adds a touch of nutty flavor. 

Our challenge was that a light ale like must be carefully balanced to taste great all the way to the bottom of the glass. Slightly too much of any ingredient and it would be thrown off. Once we landed on the base recipe, we tested various amounts of tea to find just the right amount to be noticeable, but not taste like combining a pint with a cup of tea. We've landing on a group of ingredients that truly work together!  

Light Ale, 6.5%

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