Tic toc. We had extra thyme on our hands, and didn't want to waste it. The herb, along with marjoram and lavender, was late to the boil to blend their aromas with the brown ale's medium body and toasty flavor. 

Inspired by French cuisine, this ale combines a few of the finer herb flavors from the land of fashion, wine and cheese. The base ale is hearty, with bready and nutty notes. These are complimented by the spice and floral aromas of our unique spice mix. 

We're very proud to have brewed this beer in collaboration with our friends at Sacre Brew. It is a rich beer, and perfect for food pairing. Try it with coq au vin or foie de veau! If you like to keep it simple, drink it with a nice bratwurst. Cheers!

Dark Ale, 5.0%

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